sibilance smackdown 👊🏼

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de-ess express

If you’ve ever produced a singer or voice actor with a sibilant S, here’s a quick fix you need in your extra essie life right now.

⁣And so you can keep it on hand for your next run in with surplus ssssss, there’s a nifty downloadable at the end of this post.⁣


So here’s the fix. Get your song / word person to repeat these three sounds one after the other for about a minute:⁣

👉🏻 SSS⁣

👉🏻 TUH⁣

👉🏻 ZZZ ⁣

Those sassy (not in a good way) S’s can be blamed on tongue positioning. If the tongue is too low behind the teeth when belting out an S, it can push air up between the teeth making it all sound a bit gross.⁣

This quick workout helps to reposition the tongue and keep each S sounding as clear as Kendall Jenner on Proactiv.⁣

Sure, you can always whack a de-esser on in post, but like any processing it can flatten the performance. So why not up the S game right at the source?

To keep this quick fix handy, grab and print your de-ess downloadable here.

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