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introWhile I get that there are voice over trends and voices that are oh-so-now (‘conversational‘ style anyone?), there is more to a voice over than simply being on-trend.

You need a voice that pairs perfectly with your brand. A voice that brings your script to life. A voice that has your target audience hanging off every word. And ultimately gives them a gentle nudge—or painfully sharp prod that will leave a mark—into taking action. Sure, a conversational style may be perfect. But it may not.


imageThat’s why I work with you to understand your brand. It’s why I’m interested in your business objectives. Why I’ll find out about your target audience. It’s why I provide sample reads. And why I care about your feedback. Yes, I’m a nerd like that. But a nerd whose business is about understanding yours.

You also need a voice that’s up to the task. I’d like to credit Miss Pearson and year 2 verse speaking for my vocal prowess—interstate champions is not a title to be taken lightly. That coupled with 10 years presenting on commercial radio and television and over 15 years doing this VO thing means I know what I’m talking about (so to speak). I can deliver commercial, promo, corporate and character styles. I’m also pretty good at delivering voice-related puns.

But a great voice means squat without attention to detail. You want a quality read and quality audio. I ask questions like ‘how do you like your numbers read?’ Are you a twenty sixteen or two thousand and sixteen type? Don’t worry no judgments here. Also no neighbours’ dogs or angle grinders in the background. Thank you appropriately acoustically treated room. BTW, why does every street have a tinkerer with a penchant for power tools?

imageAnd because I work from my own studio, no need to source (i.e. fork out big bucks for) a studio and audio engineering staff. That said, if you have a nearby studio in mind, I’m more than happy to rock up. I enjoy looking at other people’s set ups. I’m weird like that.

And own studio equals pretty swift turnarounds. 48 hours is pretty standard but if you have something urgent just let me know—I’ll see what I can do. We should also talk if you require 48 hours of finished audio. That could take a little longer.

So what do you get at the end of it? Basically my voice, however you need it. Edited, unedited, de-breathed, single track, multiple tracks, wav, MP3, phone direction, specific timing, multiple tags. Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember all of that—the nifty form in the contact section will grab all your deets.

What you don’t get: music, sound effects, ambient angle grinder. Although happy to add these to the voice over if you supply them.



And I don’t mean to name drop (OK, yes I do) … my voice has appeared on stuff for:

  • Woolworths
  • McDonald’s
  • ANZ Bank
  • Australia Post
  • The National Museum of Australia
  • The Department of Immigration
  • Outback Jacks
  • HIA Housing Awards
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