hear me

hear me introYes I am an Aussie (in all its shrimps on barbies glory).

Besides the accent, my demos might sound a little different to the produced demos you may be used to hearing. And there is a reason. Besides the fact I am too busy and too tight to fork out the big bucks every quarter for a schmick, agency-produced demo, what you hear below is an accurate, authentic and current representation of what you get if you hire me.

My demos are:

  • real work examples
  • not produced—just like the audio you will receive if you hire me
  • updated regularly
  • genre-specific (so you don’t have to listen to every style I have ever been known to do in the history of forever. I don’t want you to get sick of my voice just yet).

You can read the thinking behind this in more detail here.

And I’ve included a YouTube compilation of my finished work (right down the bottom of the page) so you can hear how my voice sounds all produced and tarted up-like.

And of course I am always happy to provide sample reads of your script so you can hear my voice within the context of your project. In fact, I recommend it.


Commercial demo
Corporate demo

Telephony demo

Conversational / natural style demo 
Character demo 

TV Promo demo

TV commercial and online video samples

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