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now voicing: online commercial


sounds like …

2017 has seen the rise and rise of the online commercial. Whack them on Facey, Spotify, Pandora and even Insta … there’s so many options for targeting, tagging and sharing commercials on the www.

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voice overs I heart


I heart VO

Oh lordy do I love talking animals. They crack me up when done well. I’m always impressed at voice actors who can give an animal a convincing voice.

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#fbf: best of the Super Bowl

Nfl football

pumped up for Super Bowl

I’m talking ads here. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m more interested in commercials than cornerbacks and the spots I’m after have nothing to do with ball placement. So in anticipation of the advertisements worth more than $4 million a pop, here’s my top 5 from Super Bowls past…

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