What I’m working on…

I thought I’d start posting audio snippets of what I’m working on and as everyone loves a good acronym, I’m going to call these posts WIWO or ‘wee-woah’—it has a nice ring to it don’t you think? I’ll start using WIWO as the title from the next post—we don’t want to rush into these things.

Here is a snippet of three samples I prepared for an insurance client.

What I'm working on
A suitably appropriate pic of my current edit

Sample scripts generally include rough direction such as age, tone, speed and style. From that I like to provide at least three different samples within the scope outlined.

This one was interesting as the client provided a link to an existing video and asked me to try to match the voice they had previously used.

It is a toughy as my voice is what sets me apart from others in the biz. My unique sound, inflections and tones help me bring a script to life. As such, I don’t feel comfortable mimicking someone else’s creative work—I feel like I am ripping them off. I do understand the request however—the client had a suite of existing products using the same voice who was not available, leaving them in somewhat of a pickle.

So in this instance, I had a listen to the existing video—the read was informative, yet friendly and more conversational than hard sell. So I applied these parameters within my own style and gave a couple of options for the age range (the second take is a much younger sound).

If you would like me to read a sample of your script, please complete the form in the ‘contact me’ section.

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