WIWO: Greenlips G-Portal

clearly I need a coaster
clearly I need a coaster

Green what? G who? The GreenLips G-Portal is a marketing platform that simplifies collateral editing and ordering. It’s also what I’m working on.


As someone who dabbles in marketing, PR and branding, I think it’s a great tool to ensure timely marketing campaigns and consistent corporate identity nationally or even globally.

I’m thinking national retailers, restaurant chains, franchises, the banking sector, event organisers…even my local gym that always botches their logo and corporate font on their temporary signage (I’m sure Comic Sans is not in their style guide!).

Previewing new and innovative products like this one is just another bonus of voice acting (hashtag job love!).

Learn more about G-Portal—and hear a sample of my work—in their latest video. image

Hear me‘ is where you can listen to more of my work 

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