Simpsons lose their voice


Mr Burns has lost his voice. So has Smithers and Ned Flanders. No, Springfield has not been hit by a superbug, it has lost one of its leading voice actors.


Harry Shearer, the Emmy-winning actor who lends his voice to over 20 Simpsons characters, says he is leaving the long-running series.

He thanked his fans via Twitter:

While the exact reason for his departure is not known, it is understood Shearer passed on the same offer the rest of the Simpsons cast accepted.

He has indicated on Twitter that it wasn’t about the money:

How will Shearer’s departure impact the show? Below is a snapshot of the characters he voiced—many integral to the Simpsons.

Simpsons' voice actors

A Simpsons’ rep has indicated it will all be okely dokeley saying the characters will be recast with the finest voiceover talent. Me thinks they already had it. Check out Shearer in action:


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