Why consider a pro VO?

we’re real people too

Hubby came across this Facebook post and I won’t lie—it irked me just a little (the post, not hubby). It wasn’t the fact that this producer didn’t want to hire a professional voice actor …


Rather, the reason why.

See for yourself:


Bless my hubby—patron saint of voice actors—who delivered this response:


Like I said before, I’ve got no problem with someone choosing not to use a pro voice over. However, it is worth weighing up the benefits of going pro before deciding the vocal path you’ll take.

Benefits I present to you here in all their glory via PowerPoint (oh yes, this warrants a slide slow):

… Worth considering for your next commercial / explainer video / eLearning package / corporate video / basically anything needing a voice / heck if it doesn’t need a voice, add one anyways.

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