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On hold, voicemail and IVR (aka telephony) voice over would have to be one of my fave VO styles. So you can imagine how smug I was when I dialled up an education provider only to end up taking instructions from yours truly.


Yes ma’am!

If you don’t have customised on hold messages in place, have a serious think about it. Low cost promotional opportunity + captive audience already interested in what you do = effective sales and / or branding tool.

Did I also mention it’s one of my fave styles? I can help with scripting, voice over (naturally) and provide audio in whatever format your telco needs. Drop me a line and we can chat further.

In the meantime, a recent telephony voice over by me with smug me on the other end of the phone (noting quality is as per real life telephony … one day phone systems will allow us to use high quality audio *sigh* )

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