Special delivery: big ass audio files

you’ve got mail

Something to consider with big voice over jobs requiring multiple files: how in the heck would you like them sent across to you 🤔⁣


🔥hot tip: figure it out before booking your voice over.

That way you can include instructions with your voice over booking.

You’ll also avoid a last minute scramble after your inbox melts down and you suddenly learn your IT blocks all the free file sharing programs. ⁣

Getting your big ass audio files: some options…⁣

📧 email is probably the easiest. But once you have multiple, massive wav files, you can quickly reach inbox limits.⁣

☁️ cloud storage options with file syncing like Dropbox and Google Drive work well. Shared links with passwords help keep things secure.  And you can usually store files for as long as you like. Both parties need to be signed up to use the services.⁣

🔄 file transfer services like WeTransfer and Hightail are super-easy to use. Most of these services have free accounts with some restrictions. The paid versions have greater functionality and allow you to send bigger files. Files are generally only available for a set period of time and disappear after that. ⁣

🔒If your organisation’s cyber security game be strong, chances are your internal network won’t allow you to use cloud and file transfer services. Check with your IT team on any internally-owned file transfer options. They usually work the same as the commercial transfer services but have the added security of being hosted within your own network. ⁣

📀 and if all else fails, there’s the good old CD or USB. Just allow enough time for delivery…⁣

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