5 reasons on-hold messages make business sense

please hold the line
please hold the line

I have been voicing a lot of on-hold messaging lately. What a great opportunity to market and brand your business. Are you taking full advantage of this feature?


As the name implies, on-hold messages are the recorded messages that customers hear while waiting on hold, generally used in conjunction with an IVR system (‘for sales please press 1, for marketing please press 2…’).

Here’s why on-hold messages make business sense:

  1. A great opportunity to promote your brand, products, services, events or anything new
  2. It’s relatively low cost, especially compared with traditional advertising channels
  3. Most businesses are set up to do this (or can be fairly easily)
  4. Messages are easy to create, change or update
  5. You have a captive audience already interested in what you have to offer

On-hold messaging is a great opportunity to promote your brand, products and services. And the best bit? A captive audience who are already interested in what you have to offer.

So how does it work? You need a script, a voice and production (recording, editing and formatting the messages). You can also use background music, add your jingle or latest commercial—anything that can help reinforce your brand. The more creative the better!

No one likes waiting on hold, so a little entertainment, creative promotion or relevant information makes that wait a bit more tolerable!

Where do I come in? I can be the voice of your business. I work with production houses who offer the complete on-hold package (scripting, voicing, music, production) or I can work directly with you. If you have a script and can load the tracks directly to your system, I can record, edit and provide separate tracks in the format you require.

Have a listen to some on-hold messaging examples starring yours truly:

And don’t just take my word for it—check out this infographic with stats on why on-hold messages are good for your biz.image



  1. It briefly crossed my mind but vanished just as quickly while tending to my young ones. Thank you for visually putting the info out for all of us.


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