Voice overs on the go

VO on the G-O

More and more, people are recording on the go or at home. Whether it’s voice overs, podcasts or vocals—there is a growing market for portable and economical options and I’ve just stumbled across something new.


So here I sit on the other side of the planet with serious VO Atlanta FOMO. Just stalking all the presenters and attendees on Twitter. Then I came across a shiny new product for voice over recording.

The VoGo. Great name by the way. It’s being showcased at VO Atlanta as I type and has me just a bit interested.

While portable recording booths have been around a while now (and yes, I still heart the Porta-Booth Pro from Harlan Hogan), this bad boy from the peeps at Abacus Entertainment offers something new.

Details are a little light on at the mo’ but from what I understand, VoGo is a complete portable recording package (well, excluding the computer side of things that is). It includes an Apogee mic, tripod, Audacity recording software, MP3 encoder software, pop filter and copy stand; all contained in a sturdy little foam-lined travel case that folds out and doubles as a reflection filter.

All the recording goodies are contained in recessed compartments in the case. And, as chances are if you are an established voice actor / podcaster / vocalist you already have a preferred mic, these compartments can be customised to instead suit the equipment you already have.

Pricing starts around $300 US (assuming that’s without the mic) up to $500 – $650 for the full kit depending on whether you are PC or Mac.

While you can’t expect the same quality you get from a professional studio setup, it is a compact, portable and economical option that may just suit your recording needs.

For more info, keep tabs on their Facey.

Now, back to VO Atlanta stalking …

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