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5 ways to avoid a voice over fail

Copy of blog post_ decisions

avoid the fall

Getting a voice for your project is easier than ever. You can find and book a voice actor online, email a script over to them, they record from their home studio and then send the voice over back to you. It’s highly likely you’ll never meet the artist that’s the voice of your brand, product or project.

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5 simple steps to podcast perfection



Podcasting has really taken off over the last couple of years. The format is great and easy to consume and there’s so much to listen to. It’s also great that just about anyone can create one and have a voice. Unfortunately some podcasts can be a little lacking in the quality department. Fear not, hubby’s 5 tips will get you podcasting like a pro.

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How to survive OS updates in 5 simple steps



It was late last year. Husbo did the unthinkable. In a momentary lapse in concentration he agreed to Apple’s enticing El Capitan OS proposition. And why wouldn’t he? Promises of increased productivity with split screens and a more intuitive Spotlight search. Pinned swipes and notes checklists—oh my. It sounded fan-bloody-tastic. Until I loaded up the ol’ DAW to record an urgent voice over.

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Calls to action that just don’t work


who ya gonna call

It’s first thing in the morning, you’re getting ready for work, eating breakfast and reading the news headlines on your phone. From the other room your partner/roommate/parent/whoever-lives-with-you/work-with-me-here screams out ‘remember to call John about your upcoming appointment. His number is ’91 6579 2435’.

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shiny new recording gadget alert


oooh shiny

The sE Reflexion Filter® PRO is the original portable acoustic treatment. It’s a nifty little compact and portable acoustic absorber.

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Spot sounds: music for your commercials


commercial music

They say the music maketh the commercial. Actually no, they don’t. But they should. Music in commercials and promos sets the mood. It supports the copy. It complements the voice over. It grabs attention.

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Voice overs on the go


VO on the G-O

More and more, people are recording on the go or at home. Whether it’s voice overs, podcasts or vocals—there is a growing market for portable and economical options and I’ve just stumbled across something new.

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Microphone check 1, 2


is this thing on?

I recently decided it was time to invest in a new microphone for my home studio. What I thought would be a relatively simple task actually involved a lot of work!

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