now voicing: telephony demo

Audio waveform
what i’m working on

I have been working on a heap of telephony voice overs lately, so I thought hello, great time to update my voice over demo of all things phone.



Telephony voice overs include:

  1. Interactive Voice Response (or IVR). IVR is used for getting your callers to the right area in your organisation. Just like a map, only easier to understand. Sounds like: ‘For xyz press 1, for zyx press 2 …’
  2. Voicemail messages. Sure that witty ditty you recorded when you first got a mobile phone in year 12 was hilarious at the time, but how important would your biz sound with a professionally recorded voicemail message? Sounds like: ‘You have called xyz. We can’t take your call right now but please leave us a message and we’ll be in touch soon’.
  3. On-hold messaging. A great low cost sales and marketing tool for when your customers are waiting on hold. More on the benefits here. Sounds like:  ‘Did you know we also sell xyz? Ask us how it can work for you when you come off hold’.

And here’s some real life telephony voice over samples in my latest demo:



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