many happy vocal returns

vocal lurv

This World Voice Day, celebrate those voice-using heroes in your life.

Those who give their dulcet tones freely, making the planet a louder, more wordy place.

To all the:⁣
🍎 Fruit shop spruikers
🔟 Bingo callers⁣
🛒 Infomercial hosts⁣
📦 Beat boxers⁣
🙌🏻 Motivational speakers⁣
☎️ Switchboard operators⁣
🤫 ASMR-ers⁣
📣 School PA announcement makers⁣
🎤 Singers ⁣
🎭 Voice actors…⁣
Wishing you the happiest of World Voice Days.⁣
Today is your day vocal gangstas.⁣


And to protect your most valuable asset, here’s some simple way to keep your golden tonsils at their vocal best:

Keeping your voice healthy infographic

Now go grab yourself a celebratory cup of Throat Coat and a green apple.⁣

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