now voicing: tv commercial

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now voicing

Client: Swarovski ⁣⁣
Project: Goddess Collection TV commercial⁣⁣
Style: warm, classy, soft-sell⁣⁣


Swarovski: classy, exquisite brand. Swarovski pronunciation: bloody mouthful.

Full vocal disclosure: getting my mouth correctly around Swarovski was more challenging than going on air a day after getting my tongue pierced (ah late-90s life choices).⁣⁣
Through my extensive pronunciation googling I discovered everyone had their own Swarovski flavour. Not helpful.⁣⁣
Then I stumbled across the stunning Swarovski brand ambassador herself featuring in a blooper reel of her trying to spit this one out. So I felt like I was in good company. ⁣⁣
Thanks to her training and guidance, together we created swôr-off-ski magic.⁣⁣
You can imagine my delight after settling in for MAFS catch up binge, my Swarovski efforts pop up in the ad break right before Jessika comes clean about Dan. All the emotions.⁣⁣
So if your project is a bit of a tongue twister, rest assured I’ll google, gargle and gabble til I get it just right.⁣⁣

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