Recording on your iPhone doesn’t need to suck

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Sounds good

Recording video and audio on your iPhone doesn’t need to sound like you’re speaking into a bucket. RØDE has the perfect little mic to tart up your phone’s audio abilities.


This little stunner is the RØDE VideoMic Me-L.

It’s a directional condenser mic that you shove into your iPhone or iPad lightning port.

Fossick through my handbag and you’ll find one of these amongst the half-melted chapsticks, lipsticks in a range of unflattering shades, Fisherman’s Friends (both in and out of the packet) and a dried up felt tip pen.

The VideoMic Me-L is as rugged as a Hemsworth. And it comes with a windshield the size of a small cat. Plus there’s something a little homely about screaming into an Aussie-made contraption.

Once you’ve whacked it in your phone, the Me-L becomes the default mic for all of your existing recording and video apps. No need to fork out for specific apps.

That said, if you don’t like to mix brands, RØDE has some nice recording apps.

And around the back, the Me-L has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Cause nostalgia. Not really. It’s so you can monitor your recordings. Handy.

I carry one when I’m out of the studio in case I need to quickly record a voice over sample to demonstrate a style or tone. (Obvs making the client aware this isn’t my studio quality).

I also use it for interviews, recording videos on my phone and quick placeholder voice overs.

Then a speedy edit in the GarageBand or Twisted Wave app and she’s good to G-O.

Have a listen below to RØDE v built in iPhone mic.

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