Pronunciation hack


Cause I don’t pron on the fly…

Warning: this pronunciation hack is so simple you’ll probably say ‘duh Mel’ 🤦🏼‍♀️


But plz humour me and allow me to explain my (somewhat rare) conundrum 💬

I work with a bunch of overseas clients and often record their voice overs while they’re off in the land of nod 💤

Occasionally I’ll get an urgent script through and cause: timezones, won’t get the chance to check pronunciations on any tricky terms❓

No problemo if it’s a general term. A check of the audio pronunciation guides on the old www and you’re good to go 🔈

Or if it’s a business name and said biz has a selection of corporate videos or online commercials = instant pron cheat sheet 💻

But what if the business has no online audio and a troublesome name? Yes rare conundrum, but one that results in providing multiple options with the hopes of hitting the pron mark 🎯

Until last week’s brainwave…

Hello phone directory:

1. Call the company 🎚

2. Get the after hours recorded message 📞

3. Voila—biz name pronunciation on tap 🚰

Have you done this before? And am I just incredibly late to the pron party?

Let me know in the comments below…

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