Try my voice before you buy my voice

Roll of tester stickers with the text ‘try me’
Try me out

Hands up if you’ve ever shoulder-charged a kid to score that last cheese sample in the dairy section at Costco.


How good is it when the salesperson at the cosmetics counter shoves a couple of exxy skin care freebies into the bag with your purchase?

And who doesn’t love that big arse wall of paint swatch cards at the hardware store?!

Sure, we all love getting free crap… but the concept of a sample is about so much more than just being on the scab. God that cheese was good though…

Samples let you give something a try before forking out cash for a product or service that might not be quite right for you.

And while I’m not as exciting as Costco cheese, I also offer samples.

As part of my voice over quote process, I can provide a 10-20 second sample of your script with your quote. That way you can make sure my voice works for your words before you part with any dollars.

No risk of:

  • forking out cash for something not quite right.
  • getting shoulder charged.

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