Ode to the RE20

RE20 microphone

I don’t care what you say, I freakin’ love this mic. The Electro-Voice RE20.

A broadcast standard dynamic cardioid microphone.

With added Variable-D, you can get all up in its grill, sans proximity effect.

And the built-in pop filter kills off those gross plosives and sibilant s’.

Plus an internal shock mount equals good vibes only.

It’s been described as ‘the classic sound of FM radio voices’.

And FM radio is where I fell for this beast of a mic.

Sturdy as shit, this workhorse put up with around 12 hours a day, 7 days a week of jocks projecting into them… Overenthusiastic guests spitting into them… Interns spilling coffee over them…

…And idiots treating them as per the above audio. Yes, I have most definitely seen the error of my early 2000s ways and am mortified at my lack of respect for a broadcasting legend.

But what can I say? The RE20 took it like a champ. Even a headbutt sounds pretty good through them don’t cha think?

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