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5 ways to avoid a voice over fail

Copy of blog post_ decisions

avoid the fall

Getting a voice for your project is easier than ever. You can find and book a voice actor online, email a script over to them, they record from their home studio and then send the voice over back to you. It’s highly likely you’ll never meet the artist that’s the voice of your brand, product or project.

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why it pays to go plain


speaking my language

Happy International Plain Language Day. I don’t know about you, but I’m celebrating by editing a complicated and somewhat confusing letter I received from a service provider. Oh yes, my life really is that exciting.

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It’s like, the most unnecessary word ever



Stop in the name of the language law. You are under grammatical arrest. You have the right to remain silent. You really should observe that right.

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Calls to action that just don’t work


who ya gonna call

It’s first thing in the morning, you’re getting ready for work, eating breakfast and reading the news headlines on your phone. From the other room your partner/roommate/parent/whoever-lives-with-you/work-with-me-here screams out ‘remember to call John about your upcoming appointment. His number is ’91 6579 2435’.

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Why live reads are killing your brand


live & dangerous

Fast food chains, solicitors, workwear companies, furniture retailers and personal trainers. Just a few brands I may have maimed, injured (or worse) via live read back in my radio days.

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5 ways to show your vo some love

I heart vo

VOs need love too

Let’s face it, showing your voiceover actor a little love will help your script shine!

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Why phone numbers in ads are a bad idea

Toy phone

Who you gonna call?

As a voice actor I see countless radio commercial scripts containing phone numbers. Here’s why you should reconsider this strategy.

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#fbf: voice of tomtom

Map of New York

Please enter your destination

A couple of years back I entered a comp to be the voice of Tomtom’s Aussie navigation system. I didn’t win, but certainly had fun trying! So why not put my entries to use and share them for #fbf ?

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Your call: voicing phone numbers

Just wanted to pass on some really positive feedback from the client. They were so happy with the read and rang yesterday to say they needed the phone number said a different way. I was sure you did another take, and sure enough, you had! Anyway, he was really impressed with the read and your attention to detail.

I got this note last month from a producer I work with—it’s so lovely to receive this type of feedback. I was particularly chuffed as I pride myself on my attention to detail. I am a big believer in investing a little extra effort up front to save time and money further down the track.

If in doubt, I always try to provide options but it is so helpful to have any preferences outlined in the script. Phone numbers are a biggie—there are so many ways they can be presented.

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