5 ways to show your vo some love

I heart vo
VOs need love too

Let’s face it, showing your voiceover actor a little love will help your script shine!

  1. Don’t be shy: Always read your script out loud to make sure it flows well. Sometimes the written word can sound a little awkward when read out loud. And no one likes awkward.
  2. Timing is everything: While I take it as a personal challenge to cram 45 seconds of copy into a 30 second spot, the end result will sound like a race call on speed. Not cool. Always time your script when you are reading it out loud. Reading in your head doesn’t count.
  3. Tell me about yourself: Give me a backstory; tell me about your target audience; describe the style, production and pace; even provide the music that will be used. ‘A conversational and friendly Cate Blanchett that is kinda upbeat’ was a great description provided for a recent corporate video I voiced. While my voice doesn’t naturally sound like Cate, I knew it meant well spoken and graceful in a ‘kinda upbeat’ way.
  4. Let’s get phonetic-al: Want me to rattle off the titles of some 10 syllable scientific names? I would like some phonetics with that! Better yet, provide an example recording. While there are the online audio pronunciation guides, they often don’t include specialist terminology. Also specify style preferences for phone numbers and websites—there are numerous variations!
  5. How was it for you: Provide feedback. If the read wasn’t exactly how you imagined, let’s work together to get it right. And if you loved the read…feel free to say so!

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