Oh voice acting, how do I love thee?

  VO love

Let me count the ways …


Voice acting is all about the information. Information you are delivering to a target audience. Whether it’s eLearning, corporate narrations, commercials, even television promos—you are always learning something new while delivering it to your audience.

I can tell you all about the advances is polymer technology. I know the best tactics for introducing a newborn baby to the family dog. Staying safe online? It’s in the bag. While back in my TV promo days I was pretty sheepish about knowing the next Lost cliffhanger before everyone else.

What an amazing range of people voice actors get to work with. Producers, audio engineers, copy writers, marketing professionals, developers … even the end client.

Working with such a diverse mix of people is not only inspiring, it’s also an opportunity to get a range of feedback on your performance. I’ve gleaned fab mic technique tips from audio engineers. Copy writers have given me those extra script insights to help me bring a character to life. I really love feedback on my performance from the client—after all, I am speaking on behalf of their business. And there is nothing better than getting a ‘you nailed it’ in response to a read.

There’s not many occupations that allow you to break out of yourself and play all kinds of characters (well, ones that actually pay you do that).

Whether I’m a 30-something mum discussing ways to keep the kids clean, a bride-to-be nervously preparing for my big day … Perhaps a cartoon dog, computer game character or even a virtual assistant. No two jobs are the same but they always give me an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone.

The shiny, sparkly, new gadgets. Voice actors get to play with some cool gadgets and equipment! Mics, headphones, preamps, audio editing software … I even have a thing for pop filters. There I said it.

We love getting our hands (and voice) on the latest equipment. And trust me, there is nothing more rewarding than solving a technical issue or achieving that perfect sound for a project. Or hooking up a fresh pop filter …

And I really love being part of something bigger than just my own lil’ VO biz. The voice acting community is an amazing network of professionals.

Whether via social media, face-to-face at networking events or connections through professional organisations, the voice acting community has this gorgeous ethos of sharing knowledge, providing advice and offering support. And it’s so wonderful to be a part of.


    1. Hi JCD, thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment! We really are lucky aren’t we?!

      BTW, I really enjoyed your series on Freelance VO Survival—such great insights and tips!

      Have a fab day, Mel


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