10 reasons to get to know WoVO

way to go wovo
way to go wovo

Access to mentors, educational resources, peer collaboration and professional voice actors from across the globe—that’s the World-Voices Organization (WoVO for those on a first-name basis).


I have been participating in the WoVO tweet chats since the start of the year. They cover all things voice acting—from microphones to marketing, rates to representation. They are a great opportunity to get insights, intel and support. I signed up as a professional member earlier in the year and just this month learned that WoVO has hit 500 members. And I am very proud to be one of the first 500!

So what’s in it for you?

For voice actors:

  1. Associate or professional membership. The membership level is based on where you are at in your voice acting career in terms of experience and expertise.
  2. Education and advice. So so many resources including best practice techniques, access to mentors, tweet chats, roundtables, articles and newsletters.
  3. Advocacy. WoVO represents on voice actor interests on topics such as rates, representation and working conditions.
  4. Profile. Membership includes a spot on their pro-to-play site voiceover.biz which is promoted to producers, agencies and networks (professional members only).
  5. Certification. Talent vetting and studio certification.
  6. Community. The nature of voice acting is quite isolating—especially for those working from home studios across the world. WoVO has created an amazing sense of community for voice actors—including peer support, collaboration, networking and general vo chatter!

For producers

Access to talent who:

  1. are professionally vetted—they have a minimum experience and expertise level.
  2. have a professional studio setup meeting best practice audio recording standards (studio certification is optional).
  3. are able to provide a range of read styles (including corporate, commercial, narration, promo, character, eLearning, accents)
  4. have a passion for what they do!

Voice actors are listed on WoVO’s official casting site voiceover.biz and users can search and browse based on their requirements.

Check it all out for yourself. Hope to see you in the next tweet chat!


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