5 tips for a lasting relationship with your producer

Record button and hearts
Sound relationships

Last week I shared some suggestions on showing your voice actor some love—but relationships shouldn’t be one-sided.

VOs—here’s how to build a sound relationship with your producer / audio engineer…(pun intended).

  1. Show some interest: A little forethought goes a long way. Ask for the script in advance, get directions to the studio, do your vocal warm ups before you arrive—these little things will ensure you are ready to shine and don’t waste valuable studio time.
  2. Don’t come empty handed: Remember to bring your essentials such as water (or drink of choice), pen or pencil to mark up the script and anything else that will help you give it your best. But leave the dangly jewellery at home and don’t go overboard with the perfume or aftershave—studios can get a little stuffy.
  3. Mind your manners: Show some common courtesy and arrive on time (if not a little early), switch your phone off and don’t waste precious studio time by being unprepared. And while it is fine to discuss the script, remember to take direction and be a joy to work with.
  4. Keep your hands to yourself: Don’t fiddle with expensive studio equipment. Producers / audio engineers will generally adjust the equipment at the start of a session. If something doesn’t feel quite right, always ask—don’t start fidgeting with the placement of that super-expensive Neumann.
  5. Leave a lasting impression: I’m not taking about in the pop filter (breath mints people!)—tidy up after yourself, say thank you and leave your contact details should people need to get in touch.image

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