The cheap as chips Ikea finds every studio needs

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Studio equipment is hella expensive. Mics, preamps, acoustic treatments, headphones. You don’t want to take shortcuts with that stuff.

So it’s a feel-good time when you stumble across some nice-to-haves that cost next to nothing but will make #studiolife a bit more comfortable and productive.


And our mates at Ikea definitely have the cheap as chips studio goods. Sans saturated fat.

As an Aussie voice actor, I felt it only appropriate to use AUD prices. So even better news for those in the U S of A. Crap exchange rates makes these products even cheaper over your way.



1. VIVALLA bamboo tablet stand, $14.99 AUD

You’re meant to use it when cooking up a storm. Vivalla gives you easy access to your online or IRL recipes.

But the Vivalla is also brilliant at displaying your script in the booth—especially if you use a tablet. And holy space-saver Batman, this thing also attaches to Ikea’s rail system so you can whack it on the wall. Save your valuable desk space for trinkets and salt lamps.


You can also use it like I do to hold up the iPad next to the desktop when editing. Makes it easy breezy to cross-reference scripts to audio and make notes as you go. Line of sight FTW.

Plus make yourself insta-worthy with Vivalla’s Scandi feels.


2. BERTIL chair pad $7.99 AUD

This one is meant to keep your 🍑 comfy. Probably warm in winter too—looking at you aluminium chair trend that just won’t go away.

Bertil is also a very non-offensive buffer between your mic stand and the reflective surface it sits on. 

It works equally well for any desktop gadgets or salt lamps that buzz, whir and reverberate through the desk when you’re ‘hello, trying to record here’.


And the anti-slip dots on the back will keep everything in place.




3. VARIERA shelf insert $5.99 AUD

Variera is designed to give you more space for your collection of unnecessary crockery. If you need to create extra crockery shelving, you have too much.

Chuck out the extra Pâté bowls (who even eats that?) and instead organise your desk. 


I use the Variera to give me easy access to my preamp knobs, switches and buttons. I store my headphones and cables underneath. It’s like how they organise you for school photos. Tallest at the back please.



4. KNALLBÅGE hanging organiser $9.99 AUD

This one deserves better than an armrest or behind the door.

Knallbåge is perfect to hang in the booth. Store your device, cables, remotes and salt lamp batteries in the ample pockets.


And hello sound diffusing felt. Store and dampen.

Ah heck why not buy 20 and line your booth with them? It’s like Auralex* with pockets. *Actually nothing like Auralex. But definitely brings the pocket joy.



Honourable mention: BEKANT desk screen $150 AUD

While $150 is not on the cheap side by Ikea standards, the Bekant certainly be-can when it comes to dampening noise between your equipment and your recording space.


And it’s way cheaper than traditional room dividers and partitions. Also takes up less space and is easy to move around. And it’s not beige. Why the heck are all good room dividers beige? Anyone know? Gross.


And if you’re a tight arse like me, you might also be interested in my post on how to build a reflection filter on the cheap.

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