podcasting: how to be less crap

pod power

Podcasting. Everyone’s doing it. Not everyone is doing it well—especially when it comes to podcast audio. 

Nothing will make me hit those two vertical lines quicker than dodgy audio. Shit mics, hiss, hum, echoey guests, generally sounding like it was recorded in a bucket.

Crap podcasters—this may will needs to be of interest. Here’s how to be less crap.

Audio-making legend RØDE (look at that, even figured out how to do their ‘o’ properly) has just released the RØDECaster™ Pro—the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio.






Here’s a quick overview. Watch the video further down for more. I’m too excited to type more than 6 dot points.

  • 4 microphone channels that can power studio condenser microphones as well as conventional dynamic microphones. This thing doesn’t discriminate. Unless you’re using your Singstar mic filled with guava Cruiser spittle and halitosis. If this is you, leave now.
  • 8 programmable sound effects pads that trigger sound effects, music, jingles and ads. Applause, a buzzer and a pissed off cat = SFX must-haves.
  • record phone calls by hooking your phone up via Bluetooth. I repeat, Bluetooth. Easily interview your guests with no fancy pants software or weird-arse cables. Plus no crackling or echo echo echo.

  • shit-hot preamps. Read the specs for specifics. Or just trust me.

  • fix up a dodgy recording environment or a guest with dodgy mic skills using compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating settings.

  • record standalone straight into a microSD™ card. Or hook it up to your computer and blast yourself straight out there into the www. Just remember there’s no 7 second delay or dump button.


On reflection, I think this thing is better than the radio station studio I used to broadcast from 🤔

Watch below for more. I’ve snaffled this brilliant review by tech guru Trevor Long from EFTM online men’s lifestyle mag (that chicks also dig for the record):

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