Edit audio 10x faster for less than $10

Snip snip

Make editing your audio faster and easier with this simple gadget.⁣⁣




Grab yourself a dog training clicker. They cost less than 10 bucks from the pet store.⁣⁣


Absolutely useless for schooling an obstinate Mini Foxy Jack Russell cross 🐕⁣⁣

Unbelievably brilliant for directing your eyeballs to where you need to edit ✂️⁣⁣

⁣⁣When you or the person you’re recording fluffs up, click it. The sharp click sticks out like 🐕🎾🎾 in your edit. Making it easy to quickly seek and destroy. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Here’s what it looks like in waveform form:



And who knows, maybe the click conditioning is super-effective on humans and that repetitive little audio clip around the ears will condition away any vocal mistakes in the first place 🤔⁣⁣

If you want a voice actor who’s also an audio editing nerd 🤓 contact me. I record and voice your script; then edit and deliver the audio in your format of choice.⁣


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