Cinema advertising – 5 reasons you’re crazy not to

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cinema sounds

After recording a bunch of cinema commercial voice overs this month, it got me thinking about how cinema is often ignored in the marketing mix yet it has oh so much to offer. Yep, you’re pretty much crazy if you’re not getting your brand’s bits all over the big screen (#sorrynotsorry). And here’s why.


Deck chair    1. You have a captive audience.

Unlike other mediums, cinema ads are not competing for attention. We don’t go to the movies to chat to other people, multitask or be distracted by our devices. All eyes are on the big screen. And once we’ve plopped ourselves down in a prime position, we’re not likely to get up and leave the room as soon as the ads come on. Unless we’ve forgotten the choc top. That’s worth losing a good seat for.


target2. Big ass screen + surround sound = max impact for your brand.

In the cinema, there’s  not much risk of your ad fading into the background. Anything up on the screen is front and centre. Tailor your commercial to cinema specs and make the most of the screen and sound available. Use clever, creative storytelling. Engage and entice. But beware—crap ads will also stand out. Anyone else cringe at those ads that are just a dodgy still graphic with terrible audio? Don’t be that ad.


target crosshairs3. You can target like there’s no tomorrow.

Movies are great like that—ratings, genres, stars, male / female skew—use that info to get your brand in front of the right eyeballs. Location is another great way to target. If you’re a bricks and mortar-type aannndddd you’ve shacked up near a cinema, you’ve got a banging opportunity to convert some post-movie sales. Include an offer, incentive or good old-fashioned customer service to get those movie lovers through your door.


dollar sign   4. Your audience has got the goods.

People that head to the movies are generally more affluent. They’ve got disposable income. They’re early adopters. They’re happy to splurge on themselves. Use it to your advantage.


cinema_flexible5. You have flexibility.

Now cinemas have gone digital, production costs are much lower. And commercials can be turned around much faster. There’s a range of duration options so you’re not trapped into traditional 30 second slots. But remember, cinema specs are different from TV and online—know what’s needed upfront to save conversion headaches later. Seriously worse than a migraine. And, as I’ve mentioned, take advantage of the unique elements on offer with cinema advertising.



And if you decide to go down the cinema advertising route, there’s a voice standing by to bring your copy to life.


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